Out and about in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand, is a hive of activity throughout the day and night, lots of sights, sounds and smells to keep one amused.  Below are some Bangkok photos taken during my January 2020 trip.  The lion’s share of photos are food related, after all, Bangkok, is known over the world for its street eats. Silom district […]

Sunday Walking Street in Chiang Mai, Thailand

A highlight of my trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand, in January 2020, was a stroll through the Sunday Weekend Walking Street, a lively outdoor night market of art, crafts, music, and food.  It runs along Ratchadamnoen Road for around one kilometre starting from the ThaPae Gate.  It starts from 4 pm until around midnight.  Many […]

Chinese New Year in Bangkok

My first trip to Thailand in late January 2020 included 4 days in Bangkok during the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) celebration.  Starting on Saturday, January 25, the main celebrations lasted 3 days followed by other smaller events over an additional 2 weeks until the Lantern Festival on the 1st full moon of the Lunar […]

The magnificent Orpheum Theatre

I was fortunate enough to have installed the Meetup app on my smartphone in early February 2020 and soon discovered the Vancouver Photoxperience group and signed up for a photo tour of the Orpheum Theatre.  The event organizers arranged the tour for 30 people and with many thanks to the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame […]

Flying fish at Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market

The famed flying-fish ritual at the Pike Place Fish Market is a sight to be seen, right up there with the Space Needle as one of Seattle’s most well-known landmarks.  I visited the Market in June 2019 and was up to the photographic challenge of capturing the flinging fun.  A few fish are sacrificed (demonstration)  […]

Scenic drives along the New Brunswick Coast

In July 2019 I visited a good friend of mine in Moncton, New Brunswick, and was given an excellent tour of some spectacular coastline in New Brunswick. St. Martins |Fundy Trail Parkway St. Martins is a village along the Fundy Trail Parkway and a place to witness the phenomenal tidal wonders of Fundy Bay, home […]

Fox on a hunt

This beautiful red fox was out hunting near Ottawa in mid January 2019 when I was most fortunate to witness its skills.  It’s actually quite astonishing how a fox can locate a mouse or other litter tasty meal under the snow at 25 feet away.  I was pretty quiet and sure not to disturb the […]

The beautiful city of Venice, Italy

Venice is considered among the the most beautiful cities in the world due to its unusual urban design and artistic heritage.  It is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Venice is comprised of 118 islands separated by an extensive system of canals within the shallow Venetian Lagoon and linked by 400 bridges.  My first […]

The 12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

A highlight of my August, 2018, trip to Melbourne, Australia, was a day bus tour along the Great Ocean Road and seeing the 12 Apostles.  The 243-kilometre Great Ocean Road is listed as an Australian National Heritage site and winds along the south-eastern coast of Australia.  The road was built by returned soldiers between 1919 […]