An autumn uOttawa Gee-Gees track practice

One early autumn day in late October I accompanied my good friend and uOttawa Gee-Gees track coach, Normand Séguin, at Strathcona Park (next to the Rideau River in Sandy Hill, Ottawa) for his routine Saturday coaching session.  Normand himself was a track athlete in his early days and now enjoys volunteering on a regular basis […]

A man and his dog at the Dominion Arboretum

My friend Dave recently adopted Lilly, a Jack Russell mix (possibly a mix with chihuahua or dachshund, 7 years old), and approached me for a photo shoot out at the Dominion Arboretum near Dow’s Lake, Ottawa.  Of course I said yes, what a perfect opportunity to promote the SPCA and at the same time spend […]

My first visit to Omega Park

My closest recollection to an animal park was the Vancouver Game Farm (now the Greater Vancouver Game Farm) that I visited in 1971 at 8 years of age when I was living in Vancouver, BC.  Would there be elephants at Omega Park? That’s me up front, with my cousin Billy not holding on. Omega Park […]