Winterlude photo assignment

Each February, Canada’s Capital celebrates its yearly Winterlude, three weeks of outdoor winter fun and excitement.  This is a big tourist draw for Ottawa, with lots going on among the three official venues.  My attendance this year had a slight twist, I had one hour to capture the moment on a Saturday afternoon from the […]

The fearless cliff divers of Acapulco, Mexico

Notwithstanding that security concerns have been been keeping tourists away in droves, the cliff divers (La Quebrada (Spanish for “gulch” or “ravine”) still attract the crowds. I guess I must have been among one of the lucky ones stopping by Acapulco in a cruise ship in 2014, just five had made port calls that year […]

Those darn tree climbing goats!

My three week vacation to Morocco in the summer of 2006 failed to disappoint.  There was a day to remember, driving along the road about a half hour drive from Essaouira when we stumbled upon the craziest sight ever, goats in the trees!  I must have spent about a good half hour photographing those darn […]