A Remembrance Sunday stroll in Central London, England

I flew into London for the Remembrance Day long weekend in November 2017 and spent Remembrance Sunday strolling through central London starting from my lodgings located near the Pimlico tube station.  The Central London Map & Guide I received with my Heathrow Express train ticket the day before was very handy.  I walked along the River Thames up to House of Parliament and Big Ben and captured Remembrance displays at Westminster Abbey.

London UK 11-13 Nov 2017-12

London UK 11-13 Nov 2017-25In Canada, Remembrance Day is celebrated on November 11th, however in Britain it’s celebrated in large part on the Sunday.  Unfortunately, I did not know that tidbit of information and hence missed the parade but I did manage to catch the soldiers returning to Wellington Barracks which is 275 meters from Buckingham Palace.

London UK 11-13 Nov 2017-72

London UK 11-13 Nov 2017-74

London UK 11-13 Nov 2017-78

London UK 11-13 Nov 2017-69

London UK 11-13 Nov 2017-77It was a splendid day, somewhat brisk, but great for continuing my exploration of central London.  From the Barracks I walked up to Buckingham Palace (see feature photo on top) and strolled alongside Green Park on Constitution Hill towards Wellington Arch.

London UK 11-13 Nov 2017-98

London UK 11-13 Nov 2017-94From Wellington Arch I ventured into Hyde Park and came across The Serpentine, a recreational lake created in 1730 at the behest of Queen Caroline.

London UK 11-13 Nov 2017-106

London UK 11-13 Nov 2017-107

London UK 11-13 Nov 2017-111I dropped into The Serpentine Kitchen and Bar for lunch and later walked around taking pictures of the waterfowl and the hundreds of pigeons getting handouts from the passers-by.  It was funny watching a bride and groom getting their wedding pictures taken among the pigeons.London UK 11-13 Nov 2017-259

London UK 11-13 Nov 2017-199

London UK 11-13 Nov 2017-134

London UK 11-13 Nov 2017-225

London UK 11-13 Nov 2017-233

London UK 11-13 Nov 2017-292    London UK 11-13 Nov 2017-333

London UK 11-13 Nov 2017-339

London UK 11-13 Nov 2017-343I moved on from The Serpentine towards the Northeast portion of Hyde Park and came upon the drone lady.  She was getting selfies from her drone then picked it up and walked further into the park.London UK 11-13 Nov 2017-383At the Northeast corner of Hyde Park I happened by The Speakers’ Corner and enjoyed taking photos for my separate blog entry – have a peek!  I ventured a short distance to Marble Arch where I discovered a religious festival underway that included a bizarre public display of self flogging.  It was getting dark and I opted not to use a flash, but I figured the blurry motion might give readers a better sense of the action. London UK 11-13 Nov 2017-766

London UK 11-13 Nov 2017-834

London UK 11-13 Nov 2017-872After the flogging fest I traveled East on Oxford Street including a few steps down some side streets to capture the beautifully decorated streetscapes.

London UK 12 Nov 2017-18

London UK 12 Nov 2017-15

London UK 12 Nov 2017-11

London UK 12 Nov 2017-42

London UK 12 Nov 2017-34

London UK 12 Nov 2017-22

London UK 11-13 Nov 2017-43I ventured down a side street for a short distance and captured a photo of these friendly merchants from a cosmetics store.  I gave them my website address, perhaps they’ll say hello again.

London UK 12 Nov 2017-21As dark had settled in I put my camera away and walked a short distance to the Soho entertainment district for a delicious supper over a tasty beer.  After supper I dropped by a few pubs before catching the tube back to Pimlico for a good night’s sleep.

2 thoughts on “A Remembrance Sunday stroll in Central London, England

  1. Darlene McDonald

    Robbie, now that was a great blog and the pictures just FANTASTIC, I’m not sure of that flogging feat, you wi8ll have to explain that when I see you again. That is something that they do for what reason. However the lights and the street shots are amazing. I have to say I would love to make the trip back to LHR to attend the Remembrance Day Ceremony it looks like it would be worth seeing. Thanks for sharing!

    • Robbie

      Hi Darlene, thanks so much for your kind feedback. That flogging ritual was a real eye opener!

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