Visiting Halifax, Nova Scotia on the off-season

In late April, 2018, I spent a nice relaxing 5 days in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  It was a quiet time of year, the snow had melted and Spring had not yet sprung.  Tourists were not here in droves and many key attractions were not yet in full swing.  Nonetheless, it was a pleasant visit and perhaps I shall return in the summer someday and take in a more festive atmosphere.  I did a lot of walking but not everyday did I carry my boat anchor DSLR camera to weigh me down.  Here is a small smattering of photos taken during my visit.

The award winning Halifax Central Library opened in late 2014 and is a highly popular gathering place.  I recommend the roof top cafe 🙂

Halifax March 2018-7

The Halifax Citadel National Historic Site occupies a strategic hilltop location with a commanding view of the Halifax harbour.  It was chosen in 1749 as the fort destined to protect the city. The Halifax Citadel is a star shaped architecture.

Halifax March 2018-34

Halifax March 2018-33

Halifax March 2018-21

Halifax March 2018-27

Halifax March 2018-13

The Halifax Town Clock sits on the hill just below the Halifax Citadel.  It is said that Prince Edward, then commander-in-chief of all military forces in British North America (BNA), wished to resolve the tardiness of the local garrison.  The Town Clock began keeping time on October 20, 1803.

Halifax March 2018-42

The Royal Navy Dockyard in Halifax is home to Canada’s Atlantic Fleet and has its origins from the founding of the city in 1749.

Halifax March 2018-45

Halifax March 2018-46

View of the Halifax harbour towards downtown.

Halifax March 2018-47

Quoted from From; “Canadian artists Chris Hanson and Hendrika Sonnenberg created these three 181-kilogram, green, steel lampposts in the AWS metal fabrication shop in Brooklyn, NY in 2012. This three-part work was intended to suggest the rowdy behavior displayed by of some people along the Halifax waterfront.
The diptych called “Got Drunk, Fell Down” has one lamppost lying on the ground while the other is standing and looking over it, apparently out of concern or disgust. The third piece called “Fountain” stands over the edge of the pier in a posture that is meant to suggests it’s performing a necessary biological function.

The street lamps are operational and are lit at night.”

Halifax March 2018-51

This was a very convenient pedestrian walkways below the train tracks.


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  1. Patricia Mossman

    Halifax looks like an interesting place to visit. Very historic buildings. Thank you for the captions. The get drunk fall down light fixtures are hilarious!

    • Robbie

      Hi Pat, I’m glad you enjoyed the blog entry. The light fixtures were pretty funny, for sure! 🙂

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