The bubble busker lady in Toruń, Poland

A highlight of my 11 day trip to northern Poland in May 2018 was my 2 day stay in the medieval town of Torun.  One late afternoon I was presented with a fun and challenging photo opportunity.  Next to the Old Townhall a lady, accompanied by her two children, started bubble buskering much to the delight of the passing children (and to he amusement of their parents) that got drawn into the activity.  Below are my favourite photos taken on that day.

Poland - Torun May 2018-329

Poland - Torun May 2018-264

Poland - Torun May 2018-464

Poland - Torun May 2018-420

Poland - Torun May 2018-408

Poland - Torun May 2018-491

Poland - Torun May 2018-486

Poland - Torun May 2018-483

Poland - Torun May 2018-497



2 thoughts on “The bubble busker lady in Toruń, Poland

  1. Patricia Mossman

    II really enjoyed seeing all the photos of the children chasing the bubbles. The essence of childhood!

    • Robbie

      Thanks, Pat! It reminded me of my childhood when I used to chase bubbles 🙂

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