Bondi to Coogee Beach Coastal Walk (Sydney, Australia)

The 6 km Bondi to Coogee walk is likely the most famous coastal trail in Sydney, New South Wales.   I started my trek one early July 2018 morning after having taken a 10 minute Sydney city train to Bondi Junction and then a 15 minute bus ride to Bondi Beach.  I was well prepared, with sunglasses, SPF 30, hat, and a bottle of water.  I took  a leisurely stroll which took me about 3 hours to complete.

Bondi Beach


AUS Sydney July 2018-45

AUS Sydney July 2018-463

AUS Sydney July 2018-431

AUS Sydney July 2018-455

AUS Sydney July 2018-301

AUS Sydney July 2018-362

More surfer action

AUS Sydney July 2018-341

This native Sydney surfer mentioned that his sister in-law lives in Saskatchewan, Canada.

AUS Sydney July 2018-346

The trailhead  starts near the Icebergs Dining Room and Bar, just above the swimming pools.  Apparently the rich and famous frequent Icebergs.

AUS Sydney July 2018-281
AUS Sydney July 2018-238
Looking back at Bondi Beach
AUS Sydney July 2018-570
Looking forward
AUS Sydney July 2018-562
Walking along the approaches to Tamarama Beach.  The fitness circuits along the way are such a great idea!
AUS Sydney July 2018-575
Tamarama Beach
Bronte Beach
AUS Sydney July 2018-598
Due to a storm in early June 2016, the trail is detoured through the Waverley Cemetery as the main trail is restored.  The cemetery has the best ocean view!
AUS Sydney July 2018-616
AUS Sydney July 2018-625
Out of bounds Yoga on the cliff edge
AUS Sydney July 2018-656
The Burrows Park Sportsfield was being used for bubble soccer that day I passed by

Clovelly Beach


Gordons Beach


Coogee Beach


At the end of the coastal trail I hung out at Coogee Beach, had lunch, and captured players from the Coogee Beach Volleyball Association

AUS Sydney July 2018-747

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