Landmarks of Sydney, Australia

I had visited Sydney when I was with the Canadian Navy back in November 1986 when we joined in to celebrate the Royal Australian Navy’s 75th anniversary.  I didn’t have much time ashore so I was happy to visit again, this time on my own, in July 2018, for 15 days.  I stayed at an AirBnB (within the circle in the map below), and was within walking distance to many of Sydney’s famous landmarks.  As I only travel with carry-on, I bought a tripod that collapsed to 17″, a perfect fit for my travels (principally used for night photography).  Below are my best photos taken of various Sydney landmarks, in addition to the photos in my two blogs; Bondi to Coogee Beach Coastal Walk and a day trip to the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia.


Sydney Harbour Views

The first two photos were taken from Mrs Macquarie’s Chair

AUS Sydney July 2018-12

AUS Sydney July 2018-896

AUS Sydney July 2018-465

View from the Sydney Observatoty

AUS Sydney July 2018-474

The following 2 photos were taken from the Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon, a 200 stair climb inside the South-East Pylon to the Pylon Lookout for sweeping views of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour surrounds.


One can also take the $250 Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb.  You can see some of the climbers below.

AUS Sydney July 2018-518

These two sunset photos were taken around the Milsons Point area (as was the feature image up top).

AUS Sydney July 2018-549

AUS Sydney July 2018-810

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

View towards the Garden and the Central Business District


AUS Sydney July 2018-34

Darling Harbour




Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a 40 acre park located in Sydney’s Central Business District.



Winter Celebration near St. Mary’s Cathedral

It’s actually not that cold in Sydney during winter, average high of 18c, average low of 8c.  When I was there, it got up to 22c, with only 10% of the seasonal rainfall (a bit dry).

AUS Sydney July 2018-119

AUS Sydney July 2018-137

Central Business District

Artisan at Pitt Street Mall, Sydney


View of the Sydney Tower from the Pitt Street Mall.  The Sydney Tower is Sydney’s tallest structure and the second tallest observation tower in the Southern Hemisphere.


Ten second exposure of downtown Sydney from the Art Gallery Road over M1.

AUS Sydney July 2018-205

Kings Cross

The train corridor close to Kings Cross Station, 2 kilometers from the Central Business District

AUS Sydney July 2018-226

Kings Cross, which is bounded by the suburbs of Potts Point, Elizabeth Bay, Rushcutters Bay, and Darlinghurst.  My AirBnB was about a 2 minutes walk south on Darlinghurst.

AUS Sydney July 2018-783

View towards the Central Business District from Kings Cross

AUS Sydney July 2018-800

The El Alamein Fountain was commissioned as a memorial to soldiers who died in 1942 during World War II in two battles at El Alamein, Egypt. It looks different from many angles and sides.  The fountain is located at the entrance to the Fitzroy Gardens on the corner of Darlinghurst Road and Macleay Street.


2000 Sydney Olympic Games Village

For the Olympic Games of the new millennium Sydney built what was then one of the largest athlete villages ever constructed.  Below is the former Olympic torch.


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