Scenic drives along the New Brunswick Coast

In July 2019 I visited a good friend of mine in Moncton, New Brunswick, and was given an excellent tour of some spectacular coastline in New Brunswick.

St. Martins |Fundy Trail Parkway

St. Martins is a village along the Fundy Trail Parkway and a place to witness the phenomenal tidal wonders of Fundy Bay, home of the largest tidal ranges is the world.

Fundy Trail NB July 2019_003

Fundy Trail NB July 2019_102

Fundy Trail NB July 2019_013

Fundy Trail NB July 2019_079

Fundy Trail NB July 2019_035

Fundy Trail NB July 2019_030

Fundy Trail NB July 2019_040

Fundy Trail NB July 2019_050

The caves near St. Martins are fun to visit, just keep an eye on the tides, haha.

Fundy Trail NB July 2019_059

Fundy Trail NB July 2019_073

Fuller Falls | Fundy Trail Parkway

Further along the Fundy Trail Parkway and just a short jaunt from a parking lot is Fuller Falls.  There’s a cable trail to get down to the falls to get the best view.

Fundy Trail NB July 2019_086

Long Beach | Fundy Trail Parkway

The fog was rolling in, was very peaceful

Fundy Trail NB July 2019_099

Big Salmon River | Fundy Trail Parkway

The Big Salmon River was one of the most important and prosperous lumbering communities along the Fundy coastline, if not all of Canada.  William Davidson saw the value of the land and built the first saw mill at Big Salmon River in 1845.  You can see remnants of the saw mill in the photo below.

Fundy Trail NB July 2019_089

This 284 m suspension footbridge over the Big Salmon River was the site of the original covered bridge until washed out in a Spring freshet.

Fundy Trail NB July 2019_094

Bouctouche Dunes, Northumberland Strait 

The 12 km stretch of sand dunes are accessible from the Irving Eco-Centre developed by J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI) and offer a blend of recreational opportunities and learning experiences.  They are among the few remaining great sand dunes on the northeastern coastline of North America.

Bouctouche Dunes NB July 2019_004

Bouctouche Dunes NB July 2019_007

Bouctouche Dunes NB July 2019_012

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  1. Pat Mossman

    So interesting and wonderful photos. I would like to go see these places one day.

    • Robbie

      It’s a gem of a place to visit

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