The magnificent Orpheum Theatre

I was fortunate enough to have installed the Meetup app on my smartphone in early February 2020 and soon discovered the Vancouver Photoxperience group and signed up for a photo tour of the Orpheum Theatre.  The event organizers arranged the tour for 30 people and with many thanks to the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame for hosting.  We split up into two groups and from 11 am to 2 pm we were tour guided throughout the theatre with cameras and tripods in tow.

The Orpheum Theatre was opened in 1927 as a vaudeville house and later became primarily a movie house with live events hosted on occasion.  In 1973 there was a plan afoot to reconstruct the Orpheum to a multi-cinema theatre but with huge public opposition the Orpheum was saved and purchased by the City of Vancouver.  In 1977, after extensive renovation, the Orpheum Theatre was designated a National Historic Site of Canada and is now the permanent home of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

Orpheum_Feb 8_2020_025

Orpheum_Feb 8_2020_013

Orpheum_Feb 8_2020_023

Orpheum_Feb 8_2020_030

Orpheum_Feb 8_2020_019

Orpheum_Feb 8_2020_038

Orpheum_Feb 8_2020_017

View from the projection room

Orpheum_Feb 8_2020_007



4 thoughts on “The magnificent Orpheum Theatre

  1. Louise Di Nobile

    Thank you for posting this Robbie, I enjoyed seeing all the lovely photos. They brought back many memories of seeing movies there when it was a movie theatre and then enjoying a few concerts there over the years

    • Robbie

      Thanks, Louise, I’m glad you enjoyed!

  2. Petr Bakus

    Absolutely stunning.

    • Robbie

      I’m glad you enjoyed, Peter.

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