Sunday Walking Street in Chiang Mai, Thailand

A highlight of my trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand, in January 2020, was a stroll through the Sunday Weekend Walking Street, a lively outdoor night market of art, crafts, music, and food.  It runs along Ratchadamnoen Road for around one kilometre starting from the ThaPae Gate.  It starts from 4 pm until around midnight.  Many side streets and food courts are also a hive of activity.  It’s an amazing experience, a must see when visiting Chiang Mai.

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Approach to the ThaPae Gate inside the Old City of Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai_Jan2020_047

A couple outside of the ThaPae Gate negotiate a price with a Tuk Tuk driver.  These colorful, three wheeled vehicles are an unofficial symbol of Thailand.

Chiang Mai_Jan2020_050

A vendor outside the ThaPae Gate

Chiang Mai_Jan2020_056





4 thoughts on “Sunday Walking Street in Chiang Mai, Thailand

  1. Phyllis Macintosh

    Great pictures, very busy country!

    • Robbie

      Yes, it never seems to rest, haha

  2. Patricia Mossman

    Such interesting photos. If I was there, I would have such a difficulty deciding what souvenirs to bring home. So many different items. The food looks delicious – wish I had some right now ! You had a good trip, Robbie.

    • Robbie

      So much to choose from 😉

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