Out and about in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand, is a hive of activity throughout the day and night, lots of sights, sounds and smells to keep one amused.  Below are some Bangkok photos taken during my January 2020 trip.  The lion’s share of photos are food related, after all, Bangkok, is known over the world for its street eats.

Silom district is the closest Bangkok gets to Wall Street and hosts may fiinancial institutions. After nightfall the small sois (side streets) come alive with people out for a good time (feature image on top is Silom Street).

Look around anywhere in Thailand and chances are you will see such portraits of the king displayed in offices, schools, banks or on the front of government buildings.

IP_Bangkok_Jan 2020_008Lots of great eats on the streets

IP_Bangkok_Jan 2020_007

IP_Bangkok_Jan 2020_006

IP_Bangkok_Jan 2020_015

IP_Bangkok_Jan 2020_022

IP_Bangkok_Jan 2020_020

IP_Bangkok_Jan 2020_017

IP_Bangkok_Jan 2020_016

Siamese fighting fish for sale at a local market

IP_Bangkok_Jan 2020_036

I’ve never seen beehive remnants for sale before.  Many firsts in Bangkok.

IP_Bangkok_Jan 2020_032Who knew, some Bangkok metro trains can be somewhat empty late at night.

IP_Bangkok_Jan 2020_045

Monks have special seating status on the Bangkok metro IP_Bangkok_Jan 2020_030

It’s a common sight to see people wearing surgical masks in Bangkok, the pollution can be bothersome.  Add the threat of a Corona virus and sales pick up a bit.

IP_Bangkok_Jan 2020_012

Motorcycle taxi stand with the driver’s distinctive orange vestsIP_Bangkok_Jan 2020_013

Motorcycle taxi driver taking a break

IP_Bangkok_Jan 2020_047

Buddhist temples abound in ThailandIP_Bangkok_Jan 2020_041

IP_Bangkok_Jan 2020_035

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  1. Patricia Mossman

    The city is so colorful. Many interesting details to view. All the food makes me hungry. We have to out for Thai food soon, please!!

    • Robbie

      The food is fantastic, yes 🙂 I agree, maybe in May, haha.

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