Surfin’ Long Beach in Tofino

A highlight of my van camping trip in March, 2020, to Tofino on the West-side of Vancouver Island, British Columbia (BC), was Long Beach within Pacific Rim National Park.  It’s considered a bit of a surfers paradise (albeit cold at 7 to 16 degrees Celsius) producing waves for stoked beginners and seasoned pros.   During the warmer months the wave height is 2-5 feet, and can get much higher during winter storms.  You can feel the surfing culture vibe when you’re out and about, in fact, Tofino was put on the map as Canada’s surf city since the mid-80’s.  People of all ages can be seen surfing including families.

I shot these photos with my 500mm f/5.6 super telephoto lens.

Tofino Surf_March 2020_104

Tofino Surf_March 2020_007

Tofino Surf_March 2020_137

Tofino Surf_March 2020_050

Tofino Surf_March 2020_235

Tofino Surf_March 2020_271

Tofino Surf_March 2020_301

Tofino Surf_March 2020_318

Tofino Surf_March 2020_327

Tofino Surf_March 2020_365

And if you stick around the sunsets are spectacular


2 thoughts on “Surfin’ Long Beach in Tofino

  1. Patricia Mossman

    Lovely photos, thanks. The waves are bigger than I have seen in the summer. I bet that ocean was very cold. Brave surfers to be out there.

    • Robbie

      Thanks, Pat! I was hoping for larger waves, but still a beautiful spot.

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