The beauty of Birkenhead Lake Provincial Park, B.C.

Near the end of June, 2020, I set out on a 5 day day camping trip to explore the Sea to Sky Highway (route 99) up to Lillooet then looped back down through Cache Creek and Route 5 through Kamloops, Merritt, Hope, then home via the Trans Canada Route 1 to New Westminster.

I spent my first two nights at Birkenhead Lake Provincial Park campground, 90 km north of Whistler. This park was established in 1963 for travellers between Whistler and Lillooet to experience lakeside camping and other recreation activities. Important wildlife habitats are protected by the park including spotted owls, mountain goats, black bears and grizzly bears.

The lake is accessible via the 16 km gravel road off the Sea to Sky Highway (route 99)

My rented travel trailer survived the gravel road and I was able to back-up into my campsite without a problem. This was my second trailer rental, I’ve become more comfortable towing with one. My two day stay was very relaxing, the lake was about 150 meters away from my campsite.

Trail to the lake. The Douglas fir tree here is huge
The boat ramp and wharf is also adjacent to the lakeside trailhead

I hiked up the Goat Lookout Trail on my last day. This 1 km steep trail on the south side of the valley affords a nice view of the lake below. Near the trailhead there’s a cool fallen tree foot bridge across the river.

Rock cairns at the lookout
Birkenhead Lake viewed from the lookout
Birkenhead Lake viewed from the lookout, but unfortunately, no goats seen on distant cliffs above the lake

At my campsite I set-up my amateur (ham) radio station for portable operation and made contacts with other hams in California, Idaho, and Alberta.

Next time I visit when the weather is warmer I’ll go swimming and rent a canoe. Even with mediocre weather Birkenhead Lake Provincial Park does not disappoint.

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  1. Louise Di Nobile

    We sure do live in a beautiful part of the country! Lovely photos!

    • Robbie

      Thanks, Louise! We sure do!

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