Cute owls in the Thompson-Okanagan, B.C.

I was camping in the Thompson-Okanagan region of B.C., in June 2020 when during one of my walks I happened across two short-eared owls. I was not too close, but my super-telephoto lens brought me in closer for a look as they were seemingly involved in sibling preening behaviour. I was shooting handheld at the time so the videos I captured were a bit shaky.

2 thoughts on “Cute owls in the Thompson-Okanagan, B.C.

  1. Patricia Mossman

    I love to see owls. I only get a glimpse once in a while outdoors. This is the first time I have never seen such a close-up video of two owls and their preening behaviour. Fascinating!! Good work, Robbie and thanks for making the video and posting it.

    • Robbie

      I was fortunate to have come across these owls, my first time in the wild. I bet you would have enjoyed them too!

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