A night out at Glowfair

My attending a SPAO (School of Photographic Arts Ottawa) workshop in Havana, Cuba, led by David Barbour in April 2015 has been a great opportunity to later meet up among the Ottawa participants for the occasional group outing.  For our first get together five of us met over pizza at the Colonnade before heading over to Bank Street to shoot Glowfair Festival that covered ten city blocks from Slater to James Street.  Each block featured a different theme with free activities. Themes included a phosphorescent enchanted forest, circus, Kids’ Zone, Glow Yoga, Pinball Wizard skateboarding park and a Glow Zone with live music.  Below are the images I captured that night (click to view full size image).

Glowfair June 2015-13 Glowfair June 2015-75Glowfair June 2015-137 Glowfair June 2015-464 Glowfair June 2015-132Glowfair June 2015-326Glowfair June 2015-461 Glowfair June 2015-450  Glowfair June 2015-394 Glowfair June 2015-375 Glowfair June 2015-367 Glowfair June 2015-344 Glowfair June 2015-337   Glowfair June 2015-124Glowfair June 2015-305



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  1. Patricia Mossman

    Very interesting people in these photos. Lots of different types of festivals in Ottawa.

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