A sense of discovery at Rideau Antiques

On a nice sunny Saturday morning in May 2016, a few of my photographer friends and I set out to visit Rideau Antiques nestled in a rural setting about a 10 minute drive Southwest of Smiths Falls and a short distance from Lombardy, Ontario.  As we ventured onto the grounds it was clear, this was not your average antique store.  It was truly a cornucopia of eclectic collections and treasures scattered throughout the outdoor and indoor property in a seemingly sense of order.  Many items susceptible to rust in the outdoor areas had succumbed, a bit strange, leading me to believe the owners (the Miller’s) had more than a pecuniary interest with this enterprise.  I’m sure they take pride in offering the visitors with a walk down memory lane, and for that, a big thank you!  There were piles and rows of items; bottles, windows, sinks, wringer washer machines in tatters, hub caps, ladders, bicycles, shovels, and on, and on, and on.

There are a few buildings crammed inside with other interesting antiques and bric-a-brac.  The narrow inside passageways have to be navigated cautiously, not such a bad idea as it slows you down to explore all the stuff displayed at various levels from floor to ceiling.  It was a veritable hoarders paradise, not well lit insight, and definitely no room for a camera tripod… unless they’re stashed away in a pile somewhere among the other stuff.  Across the road a few steps away is a large barn chock-full, again, with more chachkas.

All in all, it was an enjoyable outing for a few hours of photography among friends on a pleasant Spring day in May.  I figure I’ll be back someday.

You can click on the photos for the larger size.

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Rideau Antiques Yard-411   Rideau Antiques Yard-321   Rideau Antiques Yard-393

Rideau Antiques Yard-353   Rideau Antiques Yard-362


3 thoughts on “A sense of discovery at Rideau Antiques

  1. Mario

    WOnderfully done Robbie with great pics to illustrate your thoughts.

    • Robbie

      Thanks Mario, geat see see how our respective visualizations played out for the day.

  2. Dr. Patricia Mossman

    Wow, what a lot of stuff! Interesting to know what some people find fascinating — the collectors I mean.

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