I hope you enjoy your visit to my blog, a project that’s finally taking shape. For me, this blog is yet another means of sharing my passion for photography with a bit of a storytelling along the way.  My early memories as a budding photographer take me back to my youth in Cranbrook, British Columbia (Canada) on my 11th birthday when I became a proud owner of a Ricoh 500G, my first “serious” camera.  I’ve moved on from this rangefinder and have had my fair share of camera gear over the years that fed my passion as I explored the various facets of photography, which of late include event, travel, nature, landscape (and the astrophotography variant), sports, documentary, studio, and time-lapse.

After the Navy funded my studies at the University of Victoria (Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)), I moved to Ottawa and later jumped ship and spent a 25 year career in the Federal Public Service, my former day job that paid for my photographic pursuits and Nikon Acquisition Syndrome (NAS).

I’ve since retired to being a connoisseur of life, moved back to B.C. and taking my passion for photography and travel to more of a full-time activity.

Please feel free to send me a message or post a comment, or come visit me on my Robbie Morrison Photography page on Facebook.  I’m also on Instagram as ZombiePixels.


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