I hope you enjoy your visit to my blog, a project that’s finally taking shape. For me, this blog is yet another means of sharing my passion for photography with a bit of a storytelling along the way.  My early memories as a budding photographer take me back to my youth in Cranbrook, British Columbia (Canada) on my 11th birthday when I became a proud owner of a Ricoh 500G, my first “serious” camera.  I’ve moved on from this rangefinder and have had my fair share of camera gear over the years that fed my passion as I explored the various facets of photography, which of late include event, travel, nature, landscape (and the astrophotography variant), sports, documentary, studio, and time-lapse.

I’ve long since moved from British Columbia, after the Navy funded my studies at the University of Victoria (Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)), and have spent most of my adult life here in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada).  I’ve also jumped ship and then finished off a career in the Federal Public Service, my former day job of 25 years that paid for my photographic pursuits and Nikon Acquisition Syndrome (NAS).  Now I’ve retired to being a connoisseur of life, taking my passion for photography and travel to more of a full-time activity.

I plan to draw upon my Flickr website to bring some stories forward and blend them with more current material as the site progresses. Not sure exactly where this will take me, but if the fun factor keeps up (I am learning WordPress so please bear with me), I should be blogging up a storm!

Please feel free to send me a message or post a comment, or come visit me on my Robbie Morrison Photography page on Facebook.  I’m also on Instagram as ZombiePixels.



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