The surfer town of Byron Bay, Australia

I returned to Australia for a 12 day trip in July 2019, anchoring out of Brisbane. The highlight of this trip was a 3 day visit to the surfer town of Byron Bay, just 93 kilometres south of the Gold Coast.

Byron Bay, a population of about 10,000 is situated near Australia’s most easterly point and home to the iconic Cape Byron Lighthouse. I arrived by bus and stayed in a motel just a short walk from the town center and Byron Bay Beaches. This was my beach holiday, not as a sunbather, but as an explorer and photographer. The sights did not disappoint, the beaches were the star attraction and the vibe had a calming influence. The weather was mixed with sun, clouds, and rain. After all, it was winter in Australia.

Clarkes Beach and The Pass

Main Beach Byron Bay is the closest to town, but most surfers walk further up to Clarkes Beach and The Pass, famous for its surf break. I spent a few days photographing surfers and taking in the beautiful sunset.

Cape Byron Headland Reserve

Further along the beach from The Pass the 3.7 kilometer Cape Byron walking track winds up to the Cape and to the lighthouse on the east side. It was a nice walk with lots of steep hills.

View back towards The Pass and Clarkes Beach

I came back the next day early morning to capture sunrise photos of the Cape Byron Lighthouse. It was quite cloudy for this one-time opportunity.

View of the exposed eastern-side from Cape Byron overlooking Cosy Corner and Tallow Beach

Cosy Corner and Tallow Beach

The next day I ventured to Cosy Corner and Tallow Beach. It reminded me of Long Beach on Vancouver Island, B.C., and very much exposed to the Pacific Ocean. The surf there is rougher than Byron Bay beaches and typically the more experienced surfers indulge. Only a few surfers were out, and they were later pleased to view their photos.

Leonardo from Brazil catches a wave

I really enjoyed my trip to Byron Bay, nice memories as I put this blog together since 18 months had passed.

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