The Winter Night Market at Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne, Australia

During my trip to Melbourne in mid August, 2018, I had lots of fun photographing and partaking in the Winter Night Market (opens every Wednesday night) within the grounds of the Queen Victoria Market.  It was very festive, alive with smells, sounds, and tastes.  I highly recommend that you go if you find yourself in Melbourne during an Australian winter.

Melbourne Aug 2018-218

Melbourne Aug 2018-233

Melbourne Aug 2018-293

Melbourne Aug 2018-285

Melbourne Aug 2018-264

Melbourne Aug 2018-398

Melbourne Aug 2018-406

Melbourne Aug 2018-392

Mick Williams from Flamin’ Signs and Boxes engraves a piece of wood for one of his customers.

Melbourne Aug 2018-436

Melbourne Aug 2018-451

Melbourne Aug 2018-524

Melbourne Aug 2018-581

Melbourne Aug 2018-497

Melbourne Aug 2018-474

A very large number of people showed up with wireless headphones on, singing and dancing to the music.  This was my first time to witness a Silent Disco!  It looked like so much fun, I wanted my own headphones 🙂   Those without the headphones hear no music, giving the effect of a room full of people dancing to nothing.

Melbourne Aug 2018-658

The Silent Disco leader strikes a pose and leads the group again throughout the market.

Melbourne Aug 2018-602

Movin’ ‘n’ groovin with the Silent Disco

Melbourne Aug 2018-646

Melbourne Aug 2018-670

Melbourne Aug 2018-660


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