Fox on a hunt

This beautiful red fox was out hunting near Ottawa in mid January 2019 when I was most fortunate to witness its skills.  It’s actually quite astonishing how a fox can locate a mouse or other little tasty meal under the snow at 25 feet away.  I was pretty quiet and sure not to disturb the hungry fox, but it did keep an eye on my friend and I from time to time.

Fox Near Munster ON 17 Jan 2019-501

Then at one point it was clear the fox was locking on to its prey beneath the snow

Fox Near Munster ON 17 Jan 2019-503

Then all of a sudden, it steps off its front legs and prepares to leap in the air

Fox Near Munster ON 17 Jan 2019-504

The fox takes a flying leap

Fox Near Munster ON 17 Jan 2019-505

Then a bomb dive into the snow with surgical precision towards its critter

Fox Near Munster ON 17 Jan 2019-506

Then a final battle and the critter is toast

Fox Near Munster ON 17 Jan 2019-507Another tasty meal

Fox Near Munster ON 17 Jan 2019-508

4 thoughts on “Fox on a hunt

  1. Patricia Mossman

    I have never seen a fox outdoors, though I have looked. This is a wonderful sequence of the fox hunting. Amazing!!

    • Robbie

      It was amazing, the photos speak for themselves. Easier for me, haha 🙂

  2. Darlene

    I love this post and the pictures are amazing! What an interesting story! Keep posting!

    • Robbie

      Thanks, Darlene, I’m glad you liked! 🙂

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